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Top Known Tips To Speed Up Your Internet Connection

Known Tips To Speed Up Your Internet Connection

If you are upset with the slow speed of your phone, today, let's talk about some known tips to speed up your internet connection (3G speed like 4G).
We see that smart phones have emerged from the world of Salves today, and have reached this stage, where you can come directly to the world. We would never think that we could keep our things alive in front of anyone and do not know how a new feature began to be included in phones, today phones are charging much faster, and the camera is taking professional professional photos.

Processors quickly, RAM has been increased to 8GB. Fingerprint sensors and iris scanners are also included in the phones. Apart from this, at present, your phone has begun to recognize your phone as well. Some of these new features have come into being at present phones that have taken you into a new world.

However, there is one problem still with us in front of us, and that is that the phone suddenly slowed down, I am talking about the slow start of the phone and the Internet to start work slowly.

Moreover, all smart phone manufacturers tried to reduce the problem, but perhaps they are not able to finish it completely. Yes, to the extent that the problem is Rs. The price is rarely seen above 30,000 in the coming phones. But if you do not have such a budget and need a phone that comes in your budget you also encounter such problems. Although the phone goes slowly over time but you can try some of them in a few ways to make it like new. Let's say we'll let you know today about some ways to reduce your problem to some extent.

How to increase Internet speed in the Android Mobiles?

speed1. Facebook Lite

If you use Facebook and become difficult to use Android smartphone because of slow Internet, then using Facebook Lite is the best choice for you. Through Facebook Lite you will not only be able to save lots of data but you will also be able to use it faster than regular Facebook applications. At the same time, your thing about this application is that you will find almost all Facebook profiles.

2. From the browser to the IMAG disabled

When using the Internet, if you feel that the site is slow to open, then there is also a solution. So, you have to go to your browser and disable the image. After doing so, the site will open very quickly. After disabling the image you will not see the image in it. You will be able to read text only. The option to disable the image is not with all browsers.

3. Change Preferred Network

Your preference network will also be effective in speeding up data speed. You have to keep your phone network auto-on in such a case, if the 3G network is a little weak, then the phone itself comes in 2G data. That's why the Internet is slow. In such a way, if you want your phone network to be fast, keep your phone in 3G only. This will make browsing faster. To speed up network preference, first go to the phone setup and there is a choice of wireless and network. Go to Peacock here and scroll down to select the cellular network. Here you will get a preference network option and just click on it to 3G. This will connect your phone to 3G networks only and will be able to use the data quickly.

4. Opera Max

speedOpera Max is a highly useful browser for Android smartphones. In this not only get control over the use of data but also play an important role in accelerating data speed. This app is specially designed taking into account the crowded Wi-Fi network, but equally effective on the 3G. Opera Max is able to lighten the heavy site so you can use it faster on your mobile phone. With optimization, data speed becomes faster, the data gap is greatly reduced.

5. Clean the cache

In addition to these options, you can accelerate the speed of your 3G data in your smartphone from a few simple steps. So first of all, you have to clean the cache of your Android smartphone. What's browsing in your smartphone keeps the cache in storage. This memory becomes a cache so that it not only slows down the phone but also the browsing.

In this case, you can clean up the cache and speed up the slow 3G network. To speed up the cash memory in Android smart phones, first you have to go to your phone settings and choose the storage from there. Inside the storage partition you will get a cache option. You have to clear it. This will also freeze the space in your phone and data speed will also be better than before.

On the other hand, it would be nice if you clean the application's browser data as well. For this you have to first go to Phone Settings and choose Application Manager. Here you go to the All Apps tab and choose your browser. Clean the cache data here and also cleans application data, also clean it.