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7 Things You Didnt Know Your Android Phone Camera Could Do

Things You Didnt Know Your Android Phone Camera Could DoThings You Didnt Know Your Android Phone Camera Could Do

Would not everyone agree that the camera of our Android smartphones has made our lives easier? They have the power to capture, share and access images and videos like nothing ever before in the world, instantly. The cameras on our Android devices have changed the way we express ourselves.
People have embraced the culture of mobile photography with open hearts and because gadget makers have also responded with equally powerful cameras on Android smartphones. There are many things that you are not aware of which the camera your Android smartphone could do. Now let's start with the list:

# 1 can read your heart rate.

Do you know that the camera on your Android Smartphone can even read your heart rate? Download the Android app called "Instant Heart Rate" from the Google Play Store and place your finger on the front of your rear camera. Changes go into the skin color by pumping blood and then calculate your heart rate.

# 2 Android camera with telescope / binoculars.

This is a very useful trick that most people are not aware of at all. All you have to do is take your camera lens up to the telescope / binoculars and then you will see that you are able to capture the magnified image on the other side.

# 3 You can take a Selfie with the volume button.

It is surprising to know that there are many people who are unaware that they can take a selfie with the volume button. If you have not used the volume button to take selfies, just try to take it once, and you can rest assured that you will not have to hit the virtual button on the screen.

# 4 You can scan and scan old negatives.

If you plan to scan or view the old negatives of your movie, you can do so by taking the help of any Android application such as HELMUT Film Scanner.

# 5 Using Shot Shot in Transit.

Today, almost every camera on Android devices comes with a panorama feature. Lets you capture great panoramas by sewing several images of you together as you tilt or move the camera. Although this feature is created for a person who wil stand in one place, but can also make it work while in transit. All you need to do is keep the camera firmly point out the window.

# 6 You can read the bar codes.

Of course, you know this, right, that the camera on your Android device can read QR codes. The best part of letting the camera on your device read the bar codes is that information about the USPS ecosystems, UPS and FedEX packets will be sent to your device.

# 7 Lets you know everything.

The camera of your Android Smartphone is not just for capturing photos. Instead, they can help you a lot more than anything around you. Android apps like "Amazon's Flow" can help you recognize places, objects and even texts. The "Google translation application"? It is known to recognize as well as translate all written languages ​​so that you can read any language anywhere in the world.
So which one do you like best? Tell me in comments.