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5 Best Mobile Browsers For Android And IOS [Updated]

Best Mobile Browsers For Android And IOS

Best mobile browsers: The world of web browsers can be confusing with everyone who claims to be the fastest and the best. Sometimes the pre-installed on your phone or tablet is not very good. Whatever the reason for your search, we rounded out five of the best mobile browsers to try out iOS and Android.

Before launching in mobile browsers, it is worth noting that we did not include Safari as we wanted the options to be available on iOS and Android. However, Safari remains a solid web browser for iPhone and iPad users.
We've also pasted five of our favorites, but there are, of course, other decent options out there, including Chromer, Lightning, Ghostery and UC Browser.

Check Out The 5 Best Mobile Browsers For Android And IOS


5. Brave


One of the most recent options on the block is Brave and we are fans of the mobile browser, so why not try it?
There are many of the usual features that you would find in a web browser: tabs, bookmarks, etc., but brave is particularly notable because of its focus on privacy, although battery and data optimization is very welcome.
The browser like the others has a built-in ad blocker but much more. You can block pop-ups, scripts, third-party cookies and protect against crawling. It also has 'HTTPS Everywhere' meaning encrypted data traffic.

Download: Android / iOS

4. Dolphin


It may be less well known, but Dolphin still has millions of downloads so if the above does not suit your taste, then give it a try.
If you're not sure, here are some of the things on offer: an ad blocker, an eyelash bar, a custom search, private browsing, a sync across devices and all the things you really expect.
In addition, Dolphin offers themes and other interesting features like a flash player and personal gestures, which means you can draw a letter to go to your favorite site. Another thing called Sonar means you can use your voice to search, share, navigate and set bookmarks.

Download: Android / iOS


3. Opera

Opera browsers are popular and trusted for many and their mobile versions are a decent option and are available in beta if you want to test the latest features. Opera is fast and full of features that can be useful.
It has an ad blocker, a smart news feed, the ability to compress videos and you can easily add any site to your home screen as a shortcut. Sites like Facebook can send push notifications as the application, if you want.
In addition to the main version, there is also Opera Mini. This is a lightweight version and also has a built-in ad blocker. There are a lot of features but the main reason to use it is to save data and keep track of how much you are using which is ideal for those on a limited data plan.

Download: Android / iOS

2. Firefox


One reason for not using Chrome is if you're investing in a rival and many will be long-term Firefox users on the desktop.
If so, or even if not, the Firefox mobile browser is solid and recommended. Like rivals, it has many features that make it attractive, including desktop sync, privacy, quick sharing, and even support for Chromecast.
Other features include visual tabs and add-ons so you can choose what extra things you like, such as ad blockers, password managers and more. Also check out the Beta and Firefox Focus if privacy is important to you.

Download: Android / iOS

1. Chrome

The Google Chrome browser has great appeal and comes standard on many Android smartphones, so you do not even need to go and download it.
The features may not be exclusive to Chrome, but the mobile browser has almost infinite amounts of benefits. You can synchronize between devices, save passwords, automatically complete forms, translate pages and download pages and videos to view offline.
It also has Google voice search, private browsing and a data saving option. There is little to displease. This is by far one of the best mobile browsers

Download: Android / iOS