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How To Book An Uber Ride 2018

Uber is an incredibly popular sharing application. It recently revealed its goal to test flying cars in 2020. Undoubtedly, Uber is committed to a steady development. No matter how convenient (here, Uber app) is, some do not have a clue at all (or confused about certain things) when using the app.

Want to know more about how to use the Uber application? How to collect on promotional codes? Fret no, we have your back! In this article, we have mentioned all the essentials you would like to know about Uber's application and services.

How to enrol in Uber

A couple of years ago, we were asked to provide a lot of information in order to sign up. Today, to sign up for an Uber account, you only need to provide your mobile phone number after installing it on your device (Android or iOS).
You will receive an authentication code via SMS to verify if the number belongs to you. After confirming the mobile phone number, you must enter a valid email id. That is all! You can now use the Uber app to book rides! (An average of payments will be required later)
You can also register through a browser by visiting the Get Uber page.

How to Book an Uber Ride

Booking a trip is not a rocket science. However, you do not want to book an invalid ride. You have to be careful with pick up location and destination: visiting a resort, or travelling to discover Africa(check the city on the map ... neighbouring cities may have similar street names). So, here's how to book an Uber ride:

  • Enter your destination in the "Where?" Box, as shown in the image above.

  • The pickup location will be the current GPS location. Do not worry if the GPS coordinates point to an incorrect location; You can change it later by touching the pickup location and manually set it by moving the pin location.

  • After you have finished selecting the destination point, you will be asked to confirm if it is the rider or if it is a ride for your loved ones (a recently introduced feature).

  • If it is not for another person, you can continue requesting a ride by selecting any of the available options (UberPOOL, UberX, UberBLACK, UberXL, SUV, CAR SEAT, WAV or UberRUSH - definitions below).

  • If you want to book a trip for your loved ones, you can tap on "Someone else" on the pilot confirmation screen and then select the rider.

  • Now you must click on "CONFIRM UBERX" to request a ride. You can click on the programming icon next to the confirmation button if you want to program the trip.

Key Terms You Need to Know Before Booking an Uber Ride

  • UberPOOL - A vehicle choice where you share the ride with other people on your way (lower rates).

  • UberX - An affordable vehicle option if you want to book a trip for you (2-3 persons maximum).

  • UberBLACK - A premium vehicle option if you want a luxury car for the trip.

  • UberXL - A vehicle option for a group of people (affordable).

  • SUV - A premium vehicle option for a group of people.

  • AUTOMOTIVE SEAT - A vehicle choice for New York parents for their children.

  • WAV - It is an option to choose if you want a vehicle accessible for wheelchairs.

  • UberRUSH - If you want to deliver something, you may want to choose this.

How To Know The Rate Breakdown For Your Uber Ride

You can observe the estimated cost while booking your ride. However, if you want to know the detailed estimate (how it is calculated), you can tap the "i" (information) icon after selecting the type of trip and then touch the "i" icon again in the information As shown in the previous image.

How to Establish a Payment Method for Uber Rides

If you prefer to pay in cash, there is nothing you need to do for the payment material. If you wish to use a mobile wallet or debit/credit card, you must add the details first.

  • Touch the menu icon (upper left corner of the screen) to access the options.

  • Go to the "Payment" option.

  • You can observe the cash payment method already on the list. If there is a mobile wallet application (depending on your location), it will probably show in payment methods if Uber supports your integration (such as PayTM for Indian users). In any case, you can easily add credit/debit cards. You should now click "Add payment method" to add a credit/debit card.


How to redeem promotion codes

For new users, you can find a couple of promotional codes that could give you 75% discount or several free rides for a limited period. Unfortunately, this is not the case for existing users. If you are lucky enough, you could grab a sweet promotional code that is an existing user.
Whatever the case, you can apply promotion codes through payment options. You will find the option "Add promotional code/gift" just below the option to add a payment method. Simply tap on it and enter the promotional code and then apply it to enjoy the benefits.


Now that you know enough about how to use the Uber application, what are you waiting for? Go and book a ride! For more details on how Uber works, you should check out the official Uber FAQ website.