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How To Factory Reset The Galaxy S8 2017

How can I reset the Galaxy S8 to its factory settings

Reset the galaxy s8: The Galaxy S8 is a great phone, but sometimes you are placed in a position where you have to bring it back to sell the condition you have found it, be it for performance reasons, bugs or.

Whatever the cause of the reset is, it's pretty easy to do it. Here is how:

How can I perform factory reset on Galaxy S8 from Android

The easiest way to reset factory the phone is to do it from Android. But before you do something so drastic, ask yourself a few things:

Have I secured everything? Have I tried every other course of remedies, such as deleting an app suspected of causing a slowdown? I have technical support called to the problem with Samsung directly to edit?
If you have answered all these questions, you can continue.

  • On the Home screen, drag the notification shadow.

  • Tap the Settings button (looks like a tooth icon).

  • Scroll down and tap General Management.

  • Touch Reset.

  • Tap Reset Factory Settings.

  • Scroll down and tap Reset.

  • Enter your PIN, password or pattern.

  • Wait until the reset is complete

How can I reset my Galaxy S8 from outside of Android

How can I reset my Galaxy S8 from outside of Android

If for any reason your Galaxy S8 is not able to boot into Android and you still want to reset it at the factory, the instructions are a bit harder, but they do the same thing.

  • Unlock your Galaxy S8 (if it is not already).

  • Keep the volume up, Bixby, power buttons at the same time, until the Samsung logo appears on the screen.

  • lift your finger

  • You see an Android figure with the words No command on the screen.

  • Wait a few seconds.

  • Once the black background appears with colored text, use the Volume key to scroll to save data / factory settings.

  • Use the power switch to retrieve / reset the data option.

  • Use the Volume key to scroll to Yes.

  • Use the power switch to select Yes.

What about the factory reset protection when selling a device?

If you reset the Galaxy S8 before you sell it (which you should always do), you must remove your Google account from the phone before you reset it.

This is because your Galaxy S8, by default, uses a Google feature called Factory Reset Protection, where a new user must sign in to the last Google account that was used on the phone. This prevents the thieves from stealing a phone, resetting it and using it as new. But it also prevents the buyers from being a new mobile phone, if they do not have you nearby to circumvent this protection.


Some questions about these procedures? Do you have a better way? Let us know in the comments!