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How To Track Your Lost Android Phone Without Any App 2017

How To Track Your Lost Android Phone Without Any App 2017

How To Track Your Lost Android Phone Without Any App

Lost android phone: Technology has increased so much that you can not live without a smartphone because it has many apps that can improve your experience and reduce your efforts. But what if you lost your smartphone somewhere? If that's the situation, do not worry, because in this article I'll tell you how to track the lost Android phone without any tracking app.

The method I'll tell you is one of the best and easiest ways to find your lost smartphone in just one click. This method does not require your phones IMEI number, you only need to be connected to your Google Account & Internet Connection.


There are many apps on Play Store that can help you find your lost phone easily, but most people recognize it after they have lost their phone. So, here I am again with a helpful article that can help you recover your lost phone without tracking app.

There are many methods available to find your lost phone, but here in this article, I will tell you the best method to restore your lost Android phone without installing Tracking App.


So, let's go on and check out How to spend Android phone without tracking app.



How to lose lost Android phone without tracking app



There are many methods that allow you to recover your lost Android phone and the best methods is using Andriod Device Manger.


Android Device Manager, also known as Google Find My Device, which is Google's official tool to track your phone.


It is very easy to use and can find your location very easily. So, before we start, we review the requirements you need to track your phone.





  • Internet connection must be enabled on your device.

  • Your device must log in to your Google Account.

  • Allowed Android Device Manager (ADM) [Power on Default]

  • Allowed Android Device Manager (ADM) to lock your device and delete its data. [Disabled by default]


These are the requirements that your smartphone should take to locate your device.



How to locate lost mobile phone with Android Device Manager:


  • To track your phone Just visit Android Device Manager & Login with the same Gmail account that is registered in your phone.

  • Once you log in, it will automatically try to track your phone. Once it is tracked, you can check the location of your phone on Google Map.


Also, you can quickly find your phone right from the Google search result by typing the keyword "Find My Phone" OR "Where is my phone".


Google will display the map directly below the search result, as shown in the following figure, and as soon as your phone is in, you can click Ring or Recover Button from Bel0w.

It is a convenient method, but with the least option to get full access via the Android Device Manager.


Now it will try to contact your device, which can take some time. Also, make sure you have selected the correct device from the above option.


After connecting the device, it will show you the location of the device on Google Map. Check the screen below.


As you can see in top screen shot, it has my mobile phone tracked and showed me the location of my device. There are also three options available, PlaySound, Lock & Erase, which can help you in several situations.

Play sound:

Suppose you kept your phone somewhere in the room and can not find it. Then play with sound to find your phone. It will keep your phone continuously for 5 minutes in the loudest volume, even if your phone is in silent mode.

So now you do not need to worry if you have lost your phone in your own room.



If you can not reach your phone, you can use this option to lock your screen. If you do not have a pattern lock or number lock, you can also lock your phone with this option. Also, you can leave a message on the screen about your contact information, so that if someone from he / she can contact you.

Also, you can leave a message on the screen about your contact information, so that if someone from he / she can contact you.



If you have any confidential data on your phone that you do not want anyone to see then you can use Erase option to completely erase your data in one click.

It is the best option to delete your entire data on your smartphone.

With this method, you can easily restore your lost phone. Hope you liked this article on how to get lost Android phone without any tracking app. Comment below, if you have any query.