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How To Use TeamViewer 2017

How To Use TeamViewer

How To Use TeamViewer

TeamViewer, is a widely used remote computer access application that allows you to connect and control devices. It also gives you the ability to communicate with users, meet sessions, and share files with them. In this tutorial we will explain how to use TeamViewer and what other interesting things you can do with it.

How to connect with the TeamViewer to a PC

Start Teamviewer. Ask your partner to do the same. Get the TeamViewer ID of your partner, which can be referenced from the left side of the application window. Enter it in the field titled 'Partner ID'. Click the 'Connect to Partner' button.

You will then receive an input prompt to enter the password displayed on your partner's computer. Make the necessary action and click on "Login".
Alternatively, you can log on using a Windows authentication that requires the Windows user login information from your partner. To keep the authority, you can make the advanced options in the password prompt itself and select the desired control authority that you want to associate.
After logging in, you can see your partner's screen and also control the keyboard / mouse. You can now perform any operation on the computer.

Now that you are connected to the partner computer, you will see a menu bar at the top of the window. We now show you how to use the features.

What can you do with "Actions"?

You can perform a variety of one-button actions on the remote system. These one-button actions are not other shortcuts to directly access certain Windows features, such as ...
You can end the Teamviewer session with 'Session Options'. In addition, you can also leave a note. Windows options give you the privilege to lock, restart, or execute the end-task operation (Ctrl + Alt + Del) on the remote PC.
You can also invite other participants for whom you must log in to your TeamViewer account. If you do not have one, click on the 'Computer & Contacts', located at the bottom left of the Teamviewer window. In the Computer & Contacts window, click the Log On button to start the account creation process.

You can also view remote system information and directly initiate the remote update from the end. This way, your partner receives an update message that he / she can accept to begin the process.

What is 'View'?

With the 'View' options you can change the scaling, resolution and quality of your video stream. You can either opt for a better quality stream with the possibility of delays in your stream, or choose to go with poor quality stream without such opportunities. We recommend setting the quality to "AutoSelect", which would determine the quality according to the circumstance. Particularly relevant, you can use the custom settings to adjust color and quality more dynamically.
You can also see a specific window on the remote computer, as needed, by clicking the button as shown above. You can get an exclusive view of the specific application that you want. Most notably, you can also enter full-screen mode.

How to communicate with the partner / remote PC?

TeamViewer gives you the tools you need to communicate with the remote user. You can decide to send a text message, or go for a video / audio chat. The image above clearly shows the corresponding buttons that you can click to initiate the process. You simply need to navigate to 'Communicate' in the menu bar. If you are connected to multiple users, you can easily set up a conference call.
You can choose to make calls via the Internet or by calling. The latter would, however, require some additional fees according to the prices of your country. You can choose to customize the audio settings if you opt for an internet call.

The 'Annotate' feature allows you to use the remote screen as a whiteboard. You have the freedom to write / draw anything you want. To turn it off, simply use the toggle button in the TeamViewer window at the bottom right.
How to transfer files to Remotedesktop?


Access to "Files & Tools" in the menu bar. To send files from your computer, simply click on "Open file transfer". This opens a dialog where you are prompted to select files from your computer and send them to the desired location on the remote desktop. You only need to select the file you want to transfer, then select the destination in your partner PC and tap 'Send' to initiate the process.

If you want to transfer files from cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc., simply click on 'Share via file box'. You must be logged into TeamViewer to initiate the process.

Not only can you transfer files with the "Files & Extras" function, but you can also take snapshots and record a TeamViewer session.

What can you do with the 'Start' button?

Use the 'Start' button on the menu bar to perform actions associated with the Windows Start button. If your partner has a Windows 8 / 8.1 computer, you can directly access the "charm" bar on his / her desktop.
How do I set up a meeting?

To create or join meetings, you must select the Meetings tab in the main Teamviewer window. To initiate a meeting, click Start to begin your presentation with all the clients to which you are connected. The following describes how to set up or join a meeting in TeamViewer.

Hope you have an overview of the use of Teamviewer from our tutorial. If you have any questions, then let us know in the comments below.