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How To Verify Your Twitter Account Even If You're Not A Celebrity 2017

How To Verify Your Twitter Account Even If You're Not A Celebrity

How To Verify Your Twitter Account Even If You're Not A Celebrity

Seeing that wonderful blue verified badge on Twitter really adds something to your public Pesona, right? That's why when I found out that the average person on Twitter could be scanned with the right tools, I jumped on the chance to add that little blue check to my own personal account.

Twitter's blue Verified Badge warns other users that your account is of public interest and is authentic. The badge is granted to you if your account is in a key area. The most important areas of interest are industries such as music, fashion, the media, and indeed any industry that requires a public person to maintain social media.

The justifications on which Twitter forgets badges is a bit vague, was always, and it's really up to you to justify why your account should be verified.

So if you are a fighting actor in New York (what if you are, I feel you totally), and you have a website and some other links to justify your presence as a public figure, then one could be checked Be a good option Check out for yourself

How you do that? Well, it's super easy and only takes about 10 minutes time, so let's go.

  • Update your personal Twitter profile

When you are ready to review your account, there are a few prerequisites that you must first complete before you can submit a request for review to Twitter.

You must have the following:

  • Verified phone number

  • Confirmed e-mail address

  • Bio (use your organic to express why you are important to your industry)

  • profile Photo

  • Header Photo

  • Birthday (you can still hide your year, so do not worry too much about it)

  • Tweets must be set as public

  • Copy of an official state-issued photo ID (this is required later and not in the first steps of the application for the badge)
    Note: If you are not looking for your personal account, but your brand, company or organization to review, then the requirements are the same store adding your birthday and uploading a picture of your government issued photo identification.


  • Request to verify your account

After your account is fully prepared and ready to go, you can start the verification process! Start the process by completing the form here.

  • Explain why your Twitter account is of public interest

On the request form, Twitter will ask you for additional information to decide whether or not to check your account. It is important not to bubble through this step as the extra information you provide is what Twitter will use to justify your (verified) existence.

You also need to know Twitter why you should check your account. For personal accounts, explain why you have an influence in your area. If you are a company, let Twitter know your mission as an organization. This is not the time to be humble. This is the time for you to brag, boast and brag, and maybe even exaggerate a little, too.

This is also the step where you need to post links to get you back. If you have a personal website, insert it here. If you have an IMDB page, LinkedIn, YouTube channel, where you are going to post regularly, or something else, you feel more legitimate.

You have the chance to provide five links to websites that help Twitter understand your innovation or relevance in your industry, so I recommend if you can fill all five.

  • Track, if necessary

Once you have gone through all the above steps, Twitter should give you an email within 30 days so you know the result. If you were denied, do not annoy, you can always submit again after another 30 days.

Twitter can also contact you via e-mail for more information. Here you can also ask to submit a license issued by the government. If you receive an email requesting this, you can make the additional changes and then submit the updated request immediately.

Once you are verified, however, feel free to show off your new and improved Twitter profile! I guarantee you, you'll be pretty freakin 'cool every time someone pops up to your account.

Do you have other nice Twitter tips? Spill the beans in the comments below!