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IPhone 8 Wont Sport Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor

IPhone 8 Wont Sport Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor, Rely on Facial Recognition Instead

IPhone 8 Wont Sport Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor, Rely on Facial Recognition Instead

The rumor surrounding the next iPhone 8 refuses to die, and while the latest reports seem to almost confirm that the Touch ID fingerprint sensor was to be placed below the screen, recent reports from credible sources refute all those claims . After pointing out KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggested that Apple is not bringing the touch-screen identification feature, and may end up with Touch ID altogether, a new Bloomberg report seems to suggest the same thing now.

According to the report, the Cupertino giant is testing a new security feature that will allow the next iPhone to unlock the screen and authenticate the user using 3D facial recognition. This will be possible with the new 3D front camera system that has been rumored several times in the past as well. While this news can be a shock absorber for many Touch ID fans, it is at least an alternative route better than the Touch ID built into the back of the device (or even the power key?).

The 3D system will not be fooled by 2D images, something that Samsung Galaxy S8 was accused of. The system will allow users to unlock the screen, authenticate payments and launch secure applications, the report said. In addition, the report indicates that the company is also testing eye scan, something we have already seen in Samsung smartphones, to increase facial recognition system.

Quoting anonymous sources, the report claims that this feature is still in evidence, and although the intention is to replace Touch ID, it may not be included on the iPhone 8 at all. Interestingly, this security feature can work even if the iPhone is lying on the table, and not just close to the face.

The report adds that since the face recognition system uses more data points than a fingerprint scan, it is safer. The facial recognition system reportedly scans the user's face and unlocks the iPhone in a few hundred milliseconds, making it almost as fast as the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. The report says it is uncertain whether the new 3D facial recognition system will support the features of AR, a field in which Apple has often expressed interest.

In addition, the report is also the first to state that the new iPhone 8 will also include the new ProMotion screen that is seen on the new iPad Pro tablets launched this year, and that the smartphone will also feature a dedicated Neural Engine chip from Apple to The AI ​​management. The report reiterates that for the iPhone 8, Apple is testing "a new glass housing, steel rims and a larger screen that fits into a smaller body." He also reiterates reports that Apple will use an OLED display on the iPhone 8.

The ten predictions from Kuo published earlier indicate that there will be no fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 8. In addition, it also notes that the three iPhones will adopt glass bodies and adopt the wireless Qi standard of Wireless Power Consortium already seen in many Android Devices . The wireless charger will be sold as an optional accessory, reports MacRumours. Kuo also claims that the iPhone 8 will include a USB-C power supply IC for a quick charge but will still have a 5W USB-A power adapter as an accessory.