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[Shocking] Mum Seen In Google Earth Days After Her Death By Daughter

Mother Seen In Google Earth Days After Her Death

Mother Seen In Google Earth Days After Her Death

A woman has had the "biggest surprise of all" after having seen her dead mother in Google Earth.

Denise Underhill left the moon after finding her late mother, Beryl Turton, watering her garden.

Denise was watching a computer in her new home in Florida, USA, after moving from Tamworth, Staffordshire.

But she wanted to take a look at her mother's old house in the UK.

She saw her mother, who died 18 months ago, tending to plants in her old house on Chaytor Road in Polesworth.

"While I was doing my homework, I somehow had the urge to call my mother but realized that I was completely out of place," Denise said.

"I decided to Google my mother's house to see how it looked, considering, since I had died in 2015 and the property had been sold."

While Denise was looking for her way, in a few minutes there was her mother's house, which she recognized from the high silver birch that stands on the property, reports the Tamworth Herald.

And when he turned the satellite image directly to the front of the property - he got the unexpected surprise.

She added: "I have the BIGGEST surprise!

"I just could not believe it.

"At the foot of the entrance was my mother.

"She was watering the garden, as she always did.

"I was absolutely amazed - it made my day. You never know what photos are being taken, but they really last a lifetime.

"I think someone wanted me to see this."