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Apple: How Much Will iPhone 8 Cost 2017

Apple iPhone 8 will be launched in September, and it will not be cheap, according to the latest reports. A report in the New York Times said the Apple iPhone 8 would be an excellent model that can be priced at $ 999. The report quotes people who "have seen the product" and points out that the new iPhone from Apple will have a full front display with reduced edges on the side, face recognition to open and wireless charging with "magnetic induction."

The latest report in New York about the iPhone 8 being an expensive proposition is nothing new. Previously we had seen reports claiming that iPhone 8 would be priced at $ 1,000 and up to $ 1200. Earlier, JP Morgan analyst Rod Hall has set up a report saying the ESP (average selling price) of the iPhone 8 will go to $ 1,100. Apple also claimed blogger John Gruber iPhone 8 may end up costing up to $ 1,200 for the entry version of the same level, which will make it the most expensive iPhone ever.

A Fortune report was also tied at a price starting at $ 1,000, and higher prices are due to higher manufacturing costs thanks to the new OLED display. Another report on UPS said although the iPhone 8 will start at $ 870 for a base variable and the more expensive ones will be closer to $ 1,000.

Pricing from the iPhone 8 aside, the New York Times report confirms face recognition scanner to open is coming. Bloomberg has first reported this, and it seems that the Apple iPhone 8 will get rid of the touch ID entirely. The 3D face recognition system will be on the front of the device, according to the Bloomberg report, Apple wants to ensure high accuracy on the subject. Apparently, the face recognition phone will work and open the device even if lying on the table, etc.
The Apple iPhone 8 will be the company's tenth-anniversary device, and according to the new leaks, the launch event will take place on September 12. However, analysts expect IFON to be eight minuses during the initial launch phase. Apple iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Plus will also start side by side.