Breaking News


Yes, it is no news that the Dunamis International Gospel Centre Pastored by Pst. and Pst. Mrs Paul Enenche, just dedicated the largest church auditorium in the World- the 100,000 Seater Glory Dome. While the whole Christian Community is celebrating this new Gift of God, some other people receive this news with mixed feelings.
Let us however note a few things:
1. There has never been any competition in terms of church Building ever heard of in the World Christian Community. Every Minister of a congregation looks at his number of members daily and determines if he needs an expansion or not. It should be noted that Dunamis, in all her services have so many people in the overflows, even more than the ones inside the church building itself. The new building was therefore very necessary.
2. God said he will build his church and the gates of hell shall not prevail. Despite the extreme cost of erecting such a massive building, God's servant was able to raise the sum ONLY with the help of Christian faithfuls. That shows Devine Providence and not just an ambitious venture.
3. For as many that know Pastor Dr Paul Enenche, you can attest to the fact that God has blessed him so much with Humility. Despite these blessings, He remains faithful to God's calling and still submits to his fathers in the faith: the likes of Bishop Oyedepo, Pst Adeboye, etc.
4. People are asking why we keep on building "big" Churches instead of "big" industries. And I ask, would you prefer an industry to a place where you serve your God? I hope your answer is No. The Government has the responsibility of building industries but not churches, meaning we are to build our churches. Why would we want to exchange responsibilities? The church from time immemorial has been contributing to the progress of every nation even in job creation by building higher Institutions, Social amenities, etc. I think we should remold our thoughts in these aspect.
5. Won't the Pastor have more money?
Yes, but why are you bothered about your pastor getting richer? Can he wear more then one suit at a time in one body? Can he drive more than one car at a time in one body? Can he live in more than one house at a time in one body ? Certainly No. Meaning if he has more than one of these things, other people are also making use of them at certain points. I think it rather "non-Christian" to be envious of our ministers. Stop looking at the church as a business Enterprise because it is not. No one has ever given to God and left unrewarded. If you keep thinking your money is going to your pastors pocket, then I think you are not ready to give to God. You could as well keep the money for yourself and watch it blossom right in your pocket.
6. What should we actually do now?
What we should be doing now is to thank God for this great edifice. Thank God that it was a BIG CHURCH and not a BIG CLUB. Thank God it was a BIG CHURCH and not a BIG SHRINE. We should be in appreciation to God. And don't forget to put the men of God, Pastor Paul Enenche and the wife in your prayers. This achievement has made them susceptible to envy even from other men of God. We should pray that God should keep them In his love and make them not to be unnecessarily overwhelmed by these "glory" and forget their calling. We should pray for a greater anointing of God in their life.
These is the mystery of the Glory dome.