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Polyuwana Students Cries For Help Over Buying Of Text Books

The entire students of Federal Polytechnic Uwana complains over the system of buying text book in the school. Our staff from were at the school bank yesterday to see things for themselve.
From the report gathered , students miss lectures just to buy text books.
In the school facebook group, many complaints have been posted concerning buying of text books in the school but it seems the students are not been heard.
Some students cancelled their plan of buying text books if the school does not change the system and in that case,  their academic performance will be affected. Below is the later written by one of the students to the SUG.

                    Akanu Ibiam Federal 
                        Polythenic, Uwanna
                        Ebonyi state.
                        13th March 2019

Office of the SUG
President AIFPU.

           Dear Sir,
     I am writing this letter to express my dissatisfaction on the treatment of students in AIFPU.
     Some terrible and disheartening development has been introduced into the school system of recent which involves the purchase of textbooks. It is so stressful and breath-taking going to queue up in the bank and later going to still queue up in the bookshop. So many students has missed lectures because of this development especially ND1 students like me.
         We pled that the process of purchasing text books should go back to it's formal procedure or better still other banks should be recruited into this system to save the students the stress and loss of lectures.
         I believe you were voted into this prestigious office to ensure the welfare of AIFPU students and I think it's time to show us how good a leader can be.
          We wish to see a positive change in due time. Thank you in anticipation.

                                 Yours faithfully,
                                  ND1 SLT.

And another student made another post in the same group concerning buying of buying of text books in polyuwana.

And students commented 

We plead with the school authority to listen to the student and make things easier for them .

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